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We are embarking on a somewhat ambitious project at the moment (well, ambitious for Mrs B)! We discovered this wonderful website called Google Lit Trips which has Google Earth tours of the locations mentioned in some popular books. We checked out Robert McCloskey’s Make Way for Ducklings to see how it worked. It certainly made it engaging for the Grade 2’s to see a book ‘come to life’.

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Our ambitious project is to add to the Google Lit Trips website by creating a literature trip of our own. This will really test our skills with Google Earth (what Mrs B means is it will really test HER skills with Google Earth!).

We are now looking for books able to be read by Grade 2 students which are set in real locations. Anyone know any books that would suit our purpose? We are planning to use Mem Fox’s Possum Magic

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and Marjorie Priceman’s How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World to start with.

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Mrs B would like to share with other educators out there how to get a free Google Earth Pro account. Check here for Kevin Jarrett’s blog post, and here for an atomic learning movie for the details you’ll need.

3 thoughts on “Google Lit Trips

  1. Hi Mrs Reagan and greade2,
    I love your blog and think the lit trips are a wonderful idea when you figure it all out write a post on” how to” I would love to do something similar with my reading club.
    Best wishes
    Mrs Cunningham
    Manchester England

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